Cara created the Flusher Blocker™️ when her second son was about 4! Her first son was terrified of using the automatic toilets. He would cover his ears and it was hard for him to want to go to the restroom if there was an automatic toilet. Cara would cover the sensor with her hand and try to help her son with his clothing all while trying to help him with the toilet, it was a nightmare! She had the idea for the Flusher Blocker™️, but had not created it yet. Once her second son started potty training, he had the same phobia of the automatic toilet. This time, though, her second son was more terrified! He was so terrified that he would rather go in his pants instead of using the toilet. Cara decided to act on the Flusher Blocker™️. She researched and researched to make sure there was not something already out there to prevent this type of annoyance. She did not want to use sticky notes or toilet paper because she thought it was wasteful. She wanted something that would be able to stick to the sensor so that you had two hands to help your kiddo. She also wanted it to be reusable but also sanitary. So, the Flusher Blocker™️ was born to be reusable and sanitary!