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Why do you ship in an envelope?

We ship in envelopes to keep the shipping free! Also, it is less waste to use an envelope.

Is tracking available?

As of right now, we utilize USPS. There is no tracking for envelopes. There is an option for expedited shipping, which is not complimentary.

Are all the materials in the shipping recyclable?

Everything but the postcard backing to the Flusher Blocker. This has a surface that is not recyclable to enable you to place the Flusher Blocker back on it for safe keeping. To recycle the postcard, remove the sheen portion and recycle the remainder.

My Flusher Blocker is not sticking!

Most of the time, the protective backing is still on the Flusher Blocker. To keep it sanitary, there is a protective backing. Make sure to remove this. If you have a chain, take the chain out, then remove the protective backing.

Make sure to keep the Flusher Blocker clean from debris. If the protective backing is off and it still is not sticking well, try washing it with soap and water.

If you have used it for many, many, many times and all of the solutions from above are not working, congratulations! You have worn your Flusher Blocker out!